Thursday, May 1, 2014

Most Important Thing Which You Should Do Before Publishing Post

In this post I will show you the most important thing which you should do before Publishing Post on blog or website. When you go to any search engine what you see after typing any word in search bar is the search results and you mostly choose more attractive and good looking result.

Keep in mind you always prefer what is looking good not by it's content. So when you write any post which is even unique and is related to your user needs still it is useless when no buddy likes to visit your page. So it means your content will be useless until you try to make your content attractive.
Now a day mostly traffic coming from search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo etc. Now it is important to get the attraction of your user to click on your site instead of clicking on any other site or your competitors.

I found one useful tool on the internet to see how actually your website looks in Google when it is indexed. So you can customize it as you like it and make it more attractive and beautiful.

How you can make it more attractive and beautiful?

   When you search something on Google you just see the Title, URL and Description of websites which relates to the search term. So it means you have to make a catchy Title and Description to attract more visitors to your site instead of going to your competitors site.
Check out this Tool it is most useful tool for site owners

How to use GoogleIndexSite?

   It is very simple website to use and check the results of your site pages on Google it is fast and convenient. What you have to do it to just simply put your web page URL in the search bar like
Now make sure you don't miss the http:// or https:// because if you don't enter these words GoogleIndexSite will show you just the URL not the Title or Description.
Below I have given the examples using pictures.

How site looks in Google way 1

How site looks in Google way 2 

How my site looks in google

Some time it will show you just the title not the description of your page what it means that your blog or website has not description for the specific page mostly that occurs in blogspot blogs.

Try it and tell your Friends about it Amazing Tool Available to check your website look.

If you have any question please feel free to ask.

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