Thursday, August 30, 2012

Use Samsung Launcher to Add Start Button in Windows 8

Sometimes big companies come with strange ideas to their new software products that make the user somehow shocked, that's what Microsoft done by removing the Start button which was used during more than 18 years on Windows OS, ( Microsoft said that the cause is : "Microsoft executives reveal that Windows users have already largely abandoned the Start button. An increasing number rely more on pinning favorite apps to their taskbar or simply using keyboard shortcuts to access frequently used applications").

Samsung doesn't like that and decide to release a widget that looks like the precedent Windows 7 start button with same features such as the search option, user icon and installed software, with drag and drop option.

The tool is called Samsung’s S Launcher, and it will be first used on the next Samsung all-in-one PCs, the question is will this widget take a place for download for all computers ? Well samsung describe the new widget for Windows 8 like seeing an old friend in a new country - it’s very reassuring.

And of course, the S Launcher is also a launcher. Simply drag apps or files to it for easy access, tossing them off when you don’t want them anymore. Nothing groundbreaking in that, but it doesn’t hurt, either, and the icons are bigger than in the Windows taskbar.

Samsung’s S Launcher widget screenshots :


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