Sunday, August 26, 2012

GTX 660 to 680 Specs and Benchmark test

Another medium range Geforce 600 series graphic card will be available soon from Nvidia, that what we notice when Nvidia leaked at their website some specifications of an incoming GTX 660 non Ti version with a lower specs and a lower price, at first Nvidia will ship the graphic card for OEM uses next month, later for partners.

The new GTX 660 will be slashed down with 1152 shader cores compared with the higher Ti version, that mean one shader cluster is disabled on the new GPU, other specifications of the product are 192bit data bus which is the same as the Ti, the core clock is 823 / 888Mhz at boost mode, a GDDR5 memory clock set to 1.45 Ghz 5.8Ghz effective clock 1.5GB or 3GB.

Specifications table:

Model  Cores  Gpu clock   Mem-clock  Mem bus
GTX 660 1152 823/888MHz 1450MHz 192bit
GTX 660 Ti 1344 915MHz 1502MHz 192bit
GTX 670 1344 915MHz 1502MHz 256bit
GTX 680 1536 1006MHz 1502MHz 256bit

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