Thursday, August 16, 2012

A6-5400K vs A8-5600K Vs A10-5800K Comparison

Some sources report that the next AMD's Trinity based APUs chips will arrive on 1st October, according to a rumor/report published on Japanese website Hermitage Akihabara, the APUs are built using 32nm process technology using the same architecture used on the HD 7000 series GPUs named “Piledriver", Trinity APUs are supposed to perform 25 to 50 per cent faster than the Liano APUs, about the availability, the chips will be available at first on OEM products such as ASUS and HP.

max specifications of the new line is four cores running at 3.8Ghz and can do 4.2Ghz on Turbo mode, using 4MB of L2 cache, packed side by side with an Radeon HD 7660D GPU, that require 100W TDP, more specifications on other products are bellow:

Trinity APUs specifications:
  • A6-5400K: (2 cores / 3.6GHz/turbo 3.8GHz/1MB L2/TDP 65W/HD 7540D graphics/OPN AD540KOKA23HJ)
  • A8-5500: (4 cores / 3.2GHz/ turbo 3.7GHz/4MB L2/TDP 65W/HD 7560D graphics /OPN AD5500OKA44HJ)
  • A8-5600K: (4 cores / 3.6GHz/ turbo 3.9GHz/4MB L2/TDP 100W/HD 7560D graphics /OPN AD560KWOA44HJ)
  • A10-5700: (4 cores / 3.4GHz/ turbo 4.0GHz/4MB L2/TDP 65W/HD 7660D graphics /OPN AD5700OKA44HJ)
  • A10-5800K: (4 cores / 3.8GHz/ turbo 4.2GHz/4MB L2/TDP 100W/HD 7660D graphics /OPN AD580KWOA44HJ)

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